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Wild discus for sale

Wild Discus  


Life shouldn’t be just about going to work to earn money, although necessary we all deserve some pleasure. For me and so many Worldwide friends keeping Discus is just that, pleasure. Discus, as Jack Wattley says, are really the only tropical fish that have personalities and feelings similar to human beings. Wild Discus are at the very pinnacle of that pleasure. Yes it’s taken me personally too long to get back into Wild Discus from breeding a pair of Wild Browns in 1963 (believed to be the first Discus to successfully breed in Australia). I remember thinking as much as I love my Wild Brown pair I wished they had more blue on them, well for some reason today they do, along with various shades of green and so many other colours, even the Heckles are more stunning.


Another big difference, my supplier, a wild collector Hudson, who as Heiko Bleheri says is not only the very best, he is also the only exporter to buy wilds from as he selects the best specimens with the nicest eyes and roundest bodies, and of course the best colour. He then quarantines for 2-4 months and prior to shipping has a vet inspect and sign off. He is the most expensive for many of these reasons and this could be the reason he has only just begun exporting to us in Australia. Even though we at Living Reef Aquariums-Discus Specialist Australia have an exclusive arrangement just as we do with IP Discus Tony Tan and Martin Ng. Heiko has told us we have access to the 3 best breeders and exporters in the world and the Australian customers will find you and want to buy these superior quality Discus.


We have set up a new shop right next to our main shop specifically to house the Wild Discus. Wilds need to be kept by themselves however they don’t require as many tank mates as domestic discus do, they are confident in very small numbers, thank goodness as they are expensive. I plan to do a Biotope Aquarium for them, my fav size is 4’x2’x2’ and when Heiko comes to stay with us next I will get him to do one as well. We will have to use more RO water as I aim to run the conductivity at under 200, with a pH of 6.8 , soft warm around 28.5-29 deg, so slightly lower pH temp and Conductivity. Beef Heart will be their staple as with all discus, however more fruit, spirulina, dried worms will give them a real variety very close to the 9 types of food we feed our Discus now. We will be trying to get as close to their natural food as possible. Heiko has gone into great detail to describe Wild Discus Diet and Nutrition in his Bleher’s Discus Volume 1, 80 pages from page 510 to page 590. Thank goodness the scientists at Tropical have made life easier for us with their WILD pellets which contains fruit. Tracey and I want to feed and look after them as best we can as when you consider these are not the usual F1 or F2 or so called wilds that you see for sale in Australia, these are F0’s strait out of the Amazonian river’s basins and streams, straight from the wild water from the Amazon jungle where the dry and wet seasons are so dramatic and Discus quite often have to eat different nuts and berries to survive. Paintings depicting these natural events can be found in Heiko’s books Vol.1 and 2 are simply amazing, in particular the inside covers painted by Heiko’s very talented wife Natasha.


Once you see our Hudson wild discus you will instantly recognise the difference that sets them apart from anything previously exported here from Columbia and Peru through Germany and China then down to Australia. These wild Discus generally have an odd shape, health issues and poor condition and quality due to poor or no quarantining, we want to change this completely however it does take time.


wild discus australia




tony Tan did it again

How excited are we! Tony and Jeffrey Tan from IP Discus in Malaysia took home a whooping 19 trophies, including the overall winner! Making them the World Champions in Discus breeding. And guess what?! We are the exclusive and only distributor of IP Discus fish in Australia! The next shipment arriving in our store beginning of April 2016. Start shopping now and don't miss out. Click here for the Tony and Jeffrey Tan Shop