About Us

About Us

What we do for you.

We offer a complete turnkey solution to your aquarium needs. 

Here at Living Reef  Aquariums inc. The Discus Specialist GC, we do things a little differently, we start with what you need to have, a healthy living reef aquarium, ensuring the whole family can enjoy your new display. Maybe Living Reef, or an Amazonian themed Discus Display either Planted or Biotope. CO2 planted Amano ADA style is also very popular, we are currently creating these weekly, they have become so popular.

For over 30 years now we have designed and built wet-dry trickle filtration systems from PVC. We started constructing and selling these mini-reef filtration systems long after we sold our first shipment of marine fish  to eager customers that we had sold display tanks to. We remember saying to our customers in those early years , we need to remove the water from the aquarium, filter it and return it in a better condition than it left the aquarium in, as fast as possible, we need to create water movement and high turnover. 

Remembering back to that day after finishing our first mini-reef trickle system thinking how far we had come, we were entering an exciting new era. Now we feel the same all over again only this time it is the brilliant new equipment that we can add to the much improved new version of our filtration systems. The new range of Skimmers, Phosphate and Nitrate removal equipment along with the advancement made in LED lighting, dosing pumps, wavemaker and wireless current pumps, Ozone generators, affordable UVC's etc . We are entering another new era this time a World-Wide tecno era, exciting all over again.

Maybe your a business who is looking to stand out from others , our displays have a wow factor that will ensure your customers remember who you are.