Aquael Midikani 800 Canister Filter

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Aquael Midikani 800
  • large filtration capacity
  • perfect for turtle tanks too
  • for aquariums up to 250 liters
  • just 8 watts power consumption
  • pump is 800 lph - with maximum efficiency of 650 lph
  • easy to install and use
  • filter can be placed wherever you need (also above the aquarium)
  • two variants of pump installation (in aquarium or outside)
  • ideal also for aquaterraria

The MIDIKANI 800 designed for aquaria of capacity of circa 250l. It combines all the advantages of the classic canister filters (great efficiency, big capacity of filtration media, versatility, precision of workmanship and easy installation.

For MIDIKANI 800 filter, the AQUAEL constructors have used the solution already proven in case of the smaller filters (MINIKANI 80 and 120). Miniaturized pump is located outside the filter and is designed to pump the water directly into its chamber. Thanks to that many construction elements unnecessarily obstructing the installation of the device were simply eliminated. Therefore, MIDIKANI 800 consists of only few basic parts: pump, set of connecting tubes and hoses and air-tight container with valves and baskets filled with filtration cartridges. 

It is designed for tanks of capacity of up to 250 l. External pump powering the device, pumps up to 800 l of water per hour that guarantees the actual maximum efficiency of around 650 l/h. MIDIKANI 800 is equipped with a container containing four baskets of the total capacity of 7 l. They are filled, respectively, with fleece, sponge, zeolite, Thanks to its very simple construction, the filter is extremely efficient and very resistant to being clogged with mud and other debris. What is more, it has a very important advantage over traditional canister filters: thanks to application of force-pump, it can operate both under aquarium and placed next to it or even above the water level. Thus, it can be used also in very shallow water, e.g. in ponds of bigger aquaterraria or paludaria with semi-aquatic turtles and other reptiles.

Product name MIDIKANI 800
Product code 110421
Wattage (W) 8
Max Output (l/h) 650
Tank volume (l) up to 250 liters
EAN 5905546137119