How to Hatch Baby Brine Shrimp

Baby brine shrimp(BBS) are often required as a first food for many tropical and marine fish and are very easy to hatch at home with minimal cost and effort. The brine shrimp are most useful and nutritious in the first 12 hours after hatching so its often useful to have more than one batch going to keep a rotating supply of newly hatched BBS.

What is needed-


Attach the airline tubing and valve to the bottom of the hatching vessel as shown in the picture (a 2L soft drink bottle works well).

Connect the airline valve to a suitable air pump with the airline tubing.

Fill the Hatching Vessel with 1.5L of dechlorinated tap water and add 1tbsp of salt allowing it to dissolve, Turning on the air to the salt solution to create a gentle bubble, add 1/2tsp brine shrimp eggs and adjust the amount of air to the hatching vessel to keep the eggs in a constant suspension. After approx 18hrs at 27 degrees celcius the eggs will have hatched, this will be apparent from the slight orange tinge to the water as the BBS are tumbling, turn off the air at the valve and using a light, shine it to the bottom of the container, the BBS are attracted to the light and will settle to the bottom of the vessel ready to be siphoned off with an airline into a fine seive ready to be fed to your eagerly waiting fry.

I have found generally all fish will take BBS as a first food without hassle. At times i have found myself with no hatched brine shrimp and fry still at a young age(when i have forgotten to add salt :/) freezing some brine shrimp in ice cube trays isa good way around this in a pinch or alternatively Ocean Nutrition have a product called Instant Baby Brine which i have also found a great product to keep on hand for those 'just in case' times.

Any questions please shoot us an email or call the store, myself or my staff are always happy to help.


 Heres a quick video of the process