Ross is always happy to help as is Christy! We are always treated with a smile even though I’m in here every other week with new issues or needing advice! Lovely Customer service, tanks kept are always clean. Also worth noting that the products I looked at were cheaper then a local pet store by 5-8$ per bottle!!!! Definitely worth the trip even if you don’t live locally, my discus are looking good and healthy thanks to Living Reef Aquariums
Lovely helpful people beautiful fish even if your not buying stop in and have a look at the discus fish room
Amazing knowledge, always so kind and friendly! Great stock of food, fish and supplies
Just wanted to personally thank you for the beautiful red snakeskin I received last Thursday as a surprise from my son Toby. I have never had such a well adjusted fish straight out of the bag, even though the truck was delayed and it didn't arrive until 2pm it was eating at 4pm ! I was so impressed with its progress that I cut quarantine short and released it into my main display tank on Sunday and it fitted in without drama or loss of appetite. I love the colouration, shape and above all the temperament (it's already hand feeding and loves a rub, things that usually take around a month or more) it also didn't hurt that it's larger than your stated size so I couldn't be happier ............. So THANK YOU so much
Amazing aquarium. Everything a discus owner could ever need or want is found here!! Exquisite quality of fish. Only aquarium that's genuinely interested in every fish they sell. AAAAA+++++++++
Well worth the drive from Brisbane! Some of the best discus fish available in Australia often at incredible prices, Backed by top notch owners who work on the floor directly with the public sharing knowledge and skills developed over years of experience. One of the best industries best LFS. Proudly can say never had a problem with any of the 18 Discus I've purchased from them.
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