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Maxspect has been a longstanding brand in the hobby for good reason, made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts their products are ever evolving to keep up with modern technologies and trends. With the addition of the ICV6 controller allowing integration of return pump, wavemakers and lighting the range is more user friendly than ever.

The lineup includes-



With great after sales support and warranty you need look no further for quality reliable equipment.


Red Sea : Complete Reef Care program

The Reefcare Program will provide a full product rundown including demonstrations on how to use the various test kits. To be used in conjunction with Kanoer dosing pumps. 


Visit the Red Sea manufacturers site for more information.


Reef Foundation Algae Management Reef Nutrition Coral ColoursReef EnergyCoral Coloration 


Watch Videos on how easy Red Sea products are to use.   





Test Kit demonstration videos:  




Cade Aquariums

CADE Aquarium sets are the new benchmark in Aquarium tank and Cabinet design.  A fast growing brand CADE have captured the attention of Aquascapers everywhere by combining modern designs with the latest in glass technology. 


CADE construct their tanks using Opti Clear glass ensuring nothing other than exceptional clarity. Every edge of glass is flat polished and the tanks are assembled with by machine with a perfect silicone finish.  All CADE tanks are rimless providing a beautiful open top view. 


Cabinets are a simple clean and elegant design each with purpose built functionality to accomodate the specific needs and current trends in Aquascaping.  Versions include a contemporary glass cabinet and a piano finished wood version. 


CADE Luxury Lighting is designed for plant growth and are available for each size tank set.  Lighting neatly suspends above the tank using the CADE Light Support system. The light supports and the hanging kit offer full adjustability for height, tilt and fwd/backward alignment.